24. Should I Take Vitamins for My Peripheral Neuropathy?

Many vitamins have been advocated for use in peripheral neuropathy.  Obviously, if your doctor runs blood tests that determine you are deficient in certain vitamins you should take the vitamins that you are lacking.   But, in my opinion, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12, when given in appropriate forms and at the right doses, can significantly reduce the […]

11. Can Drinking Excessive Amounts of Alcohol Cause Peripheral Neuropathy?

Yes, depending on how much alcohol you have consumed over the course of your lifetime.  Peripheral neuropathy is common in people who drink alcohol excessively. Years of drinking alcohol excessively can be very damaging to your body–especially your peripheral nerves. It is well-established that peripheral neuropathy in people who drink alcohol excessively is associated with vitamin B1 […]